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Law Database Guides: JustCite

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JustCite is a multi-source legal search engine and citator service for UK and EU legal information and case law. It includes extensive links to full-text material on leading online services, including BAILII, Justis, LexisNexis, WestLaw and more.

SELECT JustCite:
From the Databases page on the Library homepage, select JustCite.


Quick Search
You can type your search text in the open box and click  button to search across Cases, Legislation, EU Materials, Articles & Journals and Barristers & Chambers. It offers Boolean searching.

Advanced Search
The Advanced Search screen offers specific search options to different material types: Cases, Legislation, EU Materials, Articles & Journals, Barristers or Chambers.

  1. Click on Cases, Legislation, EU, Articles & Journals, Barristers or Chambers to select a search interface.
  2. Type your search term(s) in one or more labeled boxes.
  3. Press Search.



Search Operators

Search Operators Retrieves
AND (or a space) To search documents that contain both words
e.g. medical and negligence or e.g. medical negligence
OR To search documents that contain any or all of the words
e.g. crime or offence
NOT To omit any documents that contain a certain word
e.g. negligence not clinical (To find documents containing the word negligence unless they also contain the word clinical)
" " To search documents that contain words as a phrase
e.g. "Control order"
* To match any word beginning with a particular set of letters
e.g. child* matches both child and children
? To substitute one or more letters in the middle of a word
e.g. compl??ent finds complacent, complement and compliment
within x of (or w/x) To search for one term within a certain number of words (x) of another term
e.g. children within 5 of safeguarding (read: children within five words of safeguarding) or
e.g. children w/5 safeguarding (read: children within five words of safeguarding)


To watch a video on how to search on JustCite, please click here