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曲水回眸:小思眼中的香港 (5.9.2016 – 31.10.2016)

Looking Back at the Meandering Waters: Hong Kong in the Eyes of Xiao Si






Co-organized by the Hong Kong Literature Research Centre (HKLRC) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library, the exhibition Looking Back at the Meandering Waters: Hong Kong in the Eyes of Xiao Si will be held from September 5 to October 31, 2016.

HKLRC started an oral history project namely “Hong Kong in the Eyes of Literati” in 2014 and the first interview was with Xiao Si (Prof. Lo Wai-luen). The autobiographical interview covers her insights on research, education and literary creation. Looking Back at the Meandering Waters refers to the well-known calligrapher Wang Xizhi’ (王羲之) who composed the preface Lantingji Xu (蘭亭集序) for the poetry collection in view of the ever-changing life and backward-looking generations. The exhibition echoes with the retrospective spirit towards the origin of our culture.

Being a scholar, a teacher and a writer, Xiao Si’s contributions left permanent marks on various aspects. Her bequeathed collection of books, manuscripts and archives, along with the establishment of the HKLRC underpin some of the most significant developments in Hong Kong literary studies. The exhibition highlights the key collections of Xiao Si under the headings of “Personal Writings and Manuscripts”, “Vintage Books and Periodicals”, “Newspapers and Tabloids”, “Indexes and Archives”, “Oral History and Interviews” and “Hong Kong Literary Walks”. Two sets of talks introduce the themes accordingly, granting an easy access to an admirable scholar-writer and reminisces of Hong Kong culture.

Organizer: Jointly presented by the Hong Kong Literature Research Centre and CUHK Library