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Research Data Repository: Types of Data Repository

This Guide introduces what a data repository is and the available resources at CUHK.

Institutional Data Repository

The CUHK Research Data Repository serves as the institutional research data repository for CUHK members to deposit their research data.  It could support deposit and curation of data from different fields and of most file formats.  Click here for more details.

Discipline-specific Data Repositories

Depositing datasets in discipline-specific data repositories is becoming a common practice. provides information on more than 2,000 repositories. Below is some selected data repositories for reference.

Repository Research Area
Dryad Biological sciences, basic and applied; a repository for datasets associated with published articles
GenBank The NIH genetic sequence database, an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences
ICPSR Social sciences data
NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) Climatic, geophysical and oceanographic data
National Snow and Ice Data Center Earth's frozen regions and their role in global climate
Open Context Archeological data
Protein Data Bank Worldwide repository of information about the 3D structures of large biological molecules
QDR: Qualitative Data Repository Social sciences data
tDAR The Digital Archeological Record
UK Data Service Social, economic and population data

Grant agencies like National Science Foundation (NSF) demands a compulsory data deposit policy. Some funders require data to be deposited in specific data centers like ESRC and NERC. Advice should be sought from funders or grant agencies for the accessibility of datasets to fulfill their specific requirement.

When you choose an appropriate data repository, you may consider whether your publishers and collaborators have any requirements for data deposit. For example SpringerNature's Data Policies require authors to submit datasets to the recommended subject repositories.

General-purpose Data Repositories

Mendeley Data is the University of Manchester's recommended general-purpose research data repository where no discipline-specific solution is available. Figshare is a general-purpose data repository which allow researchers to freely deposit up to 20 GB (single file size limit of 5 GB) of data and request a DOI for citing the dataset. Zenodo is another choice of general-purpose data repository.

Deposit your Software

Some repository solutions include additional features for the hosting of computer code. That can assist you in managing the source code during the development process: