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Research Data Repository: Terms and Conditions on Access and Reuse of Data from the CUHK Research Data Repository

This Guide introduces what a data repository is and the available resources at CUHK.

Terms and Conditions on Access and Reuse of Data from the CUHK Research Data Repository

1. To promote open access of research data, deposited datasets may be downloaded by users at the CUHK Research Data Repository (the Repository) subject to the data sharing license agreement. All users should read and agree to the Terms and Conditions on Access and Reuse of Data from the CUHK Research Data Repository (Terms and Conditions) before downloading and reusing any datasets.

2. The Terms and Conditions include a stipulation for the datasets to be used in accordance with standards for ethical and responsible research practices.

3. Depositors of datasets (Depositors) may assign specific terms and conditions for use and reuse of deposited datasets.

4. In general, the datasets in the Repository are under CC BY-NC and only for non-commercial, research, and instructional purposes, unless otherwise stated.

5. Depositors may request users to register in order to gain access to the datasets. The registration information will only be used by the Depositor for access approval and contacting users with news, updates, or corrections of deposited datasets. 

6. Datasets may be deposited with an embargo period, during which it may not be available for access by members of the public. 

7. The length of embargo period and embargo conditions are subject to the decision of the Depositor.

8. For redistribution of datasets (whole or in part) in other media, users should seek permission from the Depositor beforehand.

9. Users should attribute and cite the datasets correctly in any published or unpublished research.

10. The metadata may be used in other media provided that written permission from the Depositor is obtained, and the metadata linked with the Repository being acknowledged.

11. Use of the metadata for commercial purposes is not permitted unless written permission from the Depositor is obtained. 

12. Depositors and data creator are responsible for the quality of their research data.

13. The Repository accepts no responsibility for mistakes, omissions, or legal infringements with the deposited datasets.

14. The Repository does not warrant that the deposited datasets are timely, accurate, complete, reliable, or correct.


The above terms and conditions are subject to revisions without prior notification; and the latest version shall prevail.