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Research Data Repository: CUHK Research Data Repository

This Guide introduces what a data repository is and the available resources at CUHK.

CUHK Research Data Repository

The CUHK Research Data Repository (the Repository), launched in September 2021, serves as an institutional data repository for the CUHK community to deposit their research data and for the worldwide to discover and reuse the research data.  The Repository is based on the open-source software Dataverseunder the TRUST data repository principle: Transparency, Responsibility, User Focus, Sustainability, Technology. CUHK researchers and students can deposit their research data to the data repository in order to:TRUST

  • meet the requirements of publishers and funders
  • preserve and share the research data to the scholarly community
  • increase the research impact and citation counts

If you would like to deposit your datasets, please contact the CUHK Library at

More about the Repository:

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Index of the Repository

The CUHK Research Data Repository is indexed in the following directories: