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風雅傳承: 香港開埠以來古典詩文文獻展 (7.9.2018 – 28.10.2018)

A Splendid Century of Classical Chinese Prose and Poetry in Hong Kong

展覽 Exhibition


Classical Chinese prose and poetry flourished prodigiously in Hong Kong since its opening up in the 19th century, witnessing the growth of poetry societies and the coming to the scene renowned literati who had left us with enormous amount of treasurable writings. The torch passes on, this classical literary tradition still strives in strength today. From September 6 to 8, 2018, the Chinese Language and Literature Department of The Chinese University of Hong Kong organises the conference “The Canonical Legacy: the 2nd International Conference on Classical Chinese Literature since the 1911 Revolution”. On this special occasion, the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library joins the Chinese Language and Literature Department to organise this exhibition “A splendid century of classical Chinese prose and poetry in Hong Kong”. The exhibition showcases significant pieces from the Library’s notable collection of classical Chinese literature, inspiring manuscripts and rare pictures of acclaimed literati, reflecting the remarkable effort of our forerunners in preserving and passing on an intellectual, cultural and literary heritage.