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How to use LibrarySearch: Advanced Search

LibrarySearch - Advanced Search

Like Simple Search, there are 2 ways to access the Advanced Search function in LibrarySearch (please refer to the Simple Search page):

  1. from the Library Homepage, and
  2. by going directly to the LibrarySearch page.


Advanced search is useful for any users that have some knowledge on the subject scope of a topic. With more knowledge, more subject specific keywords can be used in Advanced Search to find more focused results, thus shortening the time required to find useful materials.


Search Scope: 

  • All - all of the below options
  • Books - search for books and materials acquired by the CUHK Library
  • Articles - journal and newspapers articles, conference proceedings, etc
  • Audio Visual - multi-media materials
  • Periodicals - materials published periodically whether its daily, weekly, monthly, etc such as newspapers, magazines, journals, yearbooks.
  • Exam Papers - CUHK Examination past papers from 1995. It only contains undergraduate exams, and does NOT provide answers.
  • Course Reserves - learning materials reserved by teaching staff for a specific course.


The "Any Field" drop down menu provides a list of search fields that users can utilize:

Search option
Search term
(can be in uppercase or lowercase letters; same results will be retrieved)
Title Type the exact title or the first few words of the title. You may search for the title of any kind of material, including periodicals.
Initial article such as A, An, The etc. can be omitted
Author/ Creator Type the complete or the initial part of the AUTHOR name:
Personal name (LAST NAME first) -- hemingway ernest
or just -- hemingway e
Organizational name -- hong kong education dept
Conference name -- american music conference
Keyword/Phrase Type any word(s) in the title, subject, table of contents, note and/or author.
Records containing all the entered words will be retrieved.
Subject Type the exact or the first few words of the Library of Congress Subject Heading.

Search the Medical Subject Headings as well for topics like psychology and life sciences.

If you are uncertain about the Library of Congress Subject Heading: use the Keyword/Phrase search option

Table of Content Type the first few words of the TITLE that appears in the Table of Contents.
Publisher Type the complete or the initial part of the name of a publisher, e.g. Oxford University Press
Call No. Type all or the first few characters of the LC or NLM call number, e.g. PE1065G46
ISBN / ISSN Type in the complete ISBN, ISSN or the few characters of the standard numbers, e.g. 0673523365


The relationship of the keywords to the results - 2 options:

  • Contains - keywords may appear broken up and not in order.
  • Is (exact) - keywords must be in order.


The Boolean Operators:

Use AND, OR, AND NOT to combine keywords. The default operator is "AND"

  • AND: both terms must be present e.g. comic AND culture
  • OR: either terms must be present e.g. teenager OR adolescent
  • AND NOT: latter terms are excluded e.g. advertisement AND NOT television


The material type option, language option, and publication date option are self-explanatory.



How-to Videos

How to Use Advanced Search

How to Use Advanced Search

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