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How to use LibrarySearch: Simple Search

Simple Search interfaces

LibrarySearch provides simple, one-stop searching for books and e-books, videos, articles, digital media, and more. 

You can search very easily in LibrarySearch. Just type one or more words related to the subject you are looking for and click the Search button. You can also use the drop down menu for a more focused search.
LibrarySearch assumes that you are searching for all the words you type unless OR or NOT are specified between the words and phrases.
Once you are familiar with LibrarySearch Simple Search, you might want to try doing more with the search panel or use the Advanced Search option. Both options offer numerous features for making your searches more precise and enable you to get results that are more useful.

LibrarySearch can be accessed in 2 ways:

1. the embedded search box in the Library Homepage (

The Library homepage provides 5 main tabs to access different content. The default selection is pointing to the LibrarySearch.

Users may also access the LibrarySearch page directly by typing the url ( or via web search engines. In these cases, the LibrarySearch main page will be shown:


To search all the materials, simply type in the keywords in the search box to begin.

The pull down menu serves as a limiter to the search scope:


All Search for all types of materials listed below. 
Books Search for library acquired books, ebooks and more.
Articles Find journal articles, newspapers articles, theses, conference proceedings and more. 
Audio-visual Find audio-visual and multimedia materials.
Periodicals Search for the title of periodicals.
Reference Materials Search for reference materials.
CUHK Theses Search for CUHK master theses and PhD dissertations.
Special Collections Find closed stack items reside in the CUHK Special Collections and the Repositories.
Local TV Programmes Find recorded Hong Kong television programmes.
Government Documents Find Government documents.
Exam Papers Find CUHK undergradute exam papers.
Course Reserves Find instructors reserved course materials.


Search Hints:


For Use Example
Searching all input words   gps privacy
Phrase search " " "higher education"
Multiple character wildcard search * comput*
Searching at least one input word or phrase OR universities OR colleges
Excluding a term NOT computers NOT calculators
Grouping terms () (universit* OR college*) "united states"


LibrarySearch top navigation bar:


The top navigation menu consist of several functions:

  • Journal A - Z: provides an alphabetical list of journals browsable by CUHK users.
  • Citation Linker: a search form with all the fields matching a formal citation such as author, title, publication year.
  • Purchase Request: leads to a form to send requests to the CUHK Library to acquire resources.
  • Search History: access to a list of previously searched keywords during that session.
  • My Favorites: go to the "my favorites" list. Please refer to "Search Results List" section below on how to construct a "my favorites list".
  • Login: Login to the "My Library Record". The Username and password is the same with the CUHK OnePass credentials.
  • Language options: toggle between English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese



Interpreting the Result:




The Search Result list:

The results will be displayed on this screen. The default sorting is according to the relevancy of the results to the keywords you have typed in.  You may change the sorting order by relevancy, by date or by title using the facet options on the right hand side of the screen.

  • Title: the book / article / conference paper title.
  • Resources Type: this show the publication format of the material.
  • Facet search options: a collection of filters to rank and to apply limitation on how results can be showed.
  • Quick Citation: it will generate a format citation of the selected record on-request. Currently, it only support APA Style, Chicago style manual, and MLA Style.
  • Email: send the selected record to yourself via email.
  • My Favorites: store the selected record in this session. The list can be stored in the user's My Library Record for future use if the user has logged in to the LibrarySearch platform. The list will not be available when the session has expired without the user having logged in.


The Facet search Options:

Unlike the Advanced Search, the approach used in Simple Search is to search first and refine the result later. This approach will yield a large number of results in the beginning, and users will need to fine tune the results to meet the needs using the following facets search options:

  • Expand my results: LibrarySearch will extend the search to articles and files that have no full text content available online. 
  • Sort by: users can choose to sort the results by relevancy, by alphabetical order, or by chronological order.
  • Availability: the nature of the material be it a peer-reviewed journal, full-text online availability, and so on.
  • Library: how many titles are in which Library.
  • Language: self-explanatory.
  • Publication date: self-explanatory.
  • Author/Creator: self-explanatory.
  • Resources Type: which format of publication , such as books, newspapers articles, etc.
  • Subject (LCSH): results grouped by their subject nature. The subject terms come from the authority subject headings system by the Library of Congress.

Please note that the above is a list of general facet search options that usually appears. There are other facets based on the types of search results yielded.


Detailed Record:

When a search result is selected, it will redirect to the detailed record page of the item:



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