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NURS3135 Nursing Research: Search MEDLINE

How to Access MEDLINE

Ovid Term Finder

Medical Subject Heading Search in MEDLINE (Ovid)

Advanced Search in MEDLINE (Ovid)

PICO Search

PICO Widget

Below widget is available to do a quick lookup in MEDLINE for your PICO question. Please note this is not a replacement for a precision search finding all results for your query, but it will give you a good indication if you are on the right track formulating your PICO.

PICO Example*: Prevention (O) of Whooping Cough (P) in adults (P) using vaccination (I)

* not all PICO elements are required for the search query. In this example, C is not used.

P: Patient, Population, Problem or Disease

(Who are the patients, what is the problem?)


I: Intervention or Exposure

(What we do to them, what are they exposed to?)


C: Comparison of intervention or Exposure

(What do we compare the intervention with?)


O: Outcome / Risks

(What happens, what is the outcome?)