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Databases by Major Web Gateway
  • CUHK Examination Papers Database
  • EBSCOhost Business Source Ultimate
  • IEEE Xplore
  • Ovid Emcare
  • Oxford Reference Online Premium
  • Oxford Scholarship Online
  • Project MUSE
  • ProQuest
  • Routlege/Taylor&Francis - InformaWorld
  • ScienceDirect Books
  • SpringerLink Books
  • Web of Science
  • Wiley Online Library
  • WRDS
  • 中國期刊全文數據庫 China Journal Net (CJN)
  • 萬方數據 WanFang Data
  • 香港文學資料庫
  • 香港中文期刊論文索引 HKInChiP

    New Databases

    The following databases are newly acquired by the Library.
    • Full text articles available
    Alternate Name(s): DoJ Glossaries of Legal Terms Department of Justice Glossaries of Legal Terms Glossaries of Legal Terms 律政司法律詞彙合併版
    This database is developed by the Department of Justice (DoJ) of HKSAR Government. It provides a combined DoJ English-Chinese and Chinese-English Glossary of Legal Terms for public use.
    • Full text articles available
    The database helps you better understand a research publication by extracting how it has been cited and whether it has been supported or contrasted by newer publications.
    TAIR is a genomic and molecular biological database for the widely used model plant: Arabidopsis thaliana. It provides comprehensive genetic and molecular biology data like complete genome sequence, gene structure, gene product information, gene expression, DNA and seed stocks, genome maps, genetic and physical markers.
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqYlBTnoVz6s1beB058lBqQ
    Alternate Name(s): United Nations Comtrade
    Coverage: 1962 - present
    The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database contains commodity trade statistics for almost 200 countries or areas from 1962 onwards.