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Law Database Guides: ICLR (The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting)

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ICLR (The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting)

ICLR (The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting) is the authorised publisher of The Law Reports for the Superior & Appellate Courts of England & Wales.

ICLR's law reporters cover cases decided by the following courts and tribunals: The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council of the United Kingdom, The Court of Justice of the European Union, The Court of Appeal (Civil Division), The Court of Appeal (Criminal Division), The Queen's Bench Division of the High Court, including the Divisional Court, The Chancery Division of the High Court, The Family Division of the High Court, The Court of Protection, The Employment Appeal Tribunal, The Upper Tribunal, The Court Martial Appeal Court, The Consistory Court, The Court of Ecclesiastical Causes Reserved, The Chancery Court of York. As well as the official Law Reports, ICLR publishes the Weekly Law Reports, the Industrial Cases Reports, the Business Law Reports, the Public and Third Sector Law Reports and the Consolidated Index to leading law reports.

Please note: The old ICLR platform has been ceased updating new content from Sep 15, 2017 although users can still search cases, legislation etc on it. The new platform named ICLR. 3 has been operating since Sep 15, 2017.

CUHK users can access ICLR through A-Z Databases: Law or search the database name on CUHK Library’s Homepage. CUHK users can also access some UK law reports on Lexis HK and Westlaw Asia.

Case Search

1. On the new platform, all cases are divided by topics. Users can search cases by entering keywords, party names etc on the search box or by browsing cases under different topics.

2. Click the citation to open the full-text case.

3. You may download and/or print the full case.

Old platform

Case Search

1. On the Dashboard, users can do a quick search of cases/legislation and browse latest case summaries, law reports and judgments.

2. Click “Cases” if you wish to search cases with more options (ie. catchwords, date range, judge and court) or browse a particular law reporter.

Viewing Results

3. Three keywords / catchwords (if available) are displayed under each case. Click “^Catchwords” to see more catchwords or a brief summary.

To view a case, you can choose 1. “Citator” to see an overview of the case; 2. click on the green link to open full-text judgment on BALII; 3. click on the blue citation to open full text on a law report.

4. You may expand boxes in black on the left navigation to see information such as "Appellate History", "Cases Considered", and "Legislation Considered".

- Under Cases Considered, each case is marked with a judicial consideration type. For example:

- Applied (Green) - The court approves a previous decision of a court of inferior jurisdiction.

- Distinguished (orange) - The court decides that it need not follow a previous case.

- Considered (Blue) - The court considers a previous decision but does not actually follow, apply, distinguish it etc.

- For more judicial consideration types, please go to: ICLR user guide (“ICLR Judicial Treatment Types” p. 40).

Legislation Search

Users can also search current legislation in force directly on ICLR Online.

1. You may search by legislation title, keywords in text, language, year, type, and legislation number.

2. Click title or year and number to open full text of legislation.

3. On the Arrangement Panel, users can find an ordered table of content of the legislation.

The panel sets out: 1. The name of the legislation being viewed; 2. A list of the provisions contained within the legislation, and 3. A list of schedules appearing in the legislation.

If you are interested in learning more, a user guide created by ICLR is located in the “?Help” link: