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Databases by Major Web Gateway
  • Blackwell Reference Online
  • CUHK Examination Papers Database
  • EBSCOhost
  • IEEE Xplore
  • OvidSP
  • Oxford Reference Online Premium
  • Oxford Scholarship Online
  • Project MUSE
  • ProQuest 5000
  • Routlege/Taylor&Francis - InformaWorld
  • ScienceDirect
  • SpringerLink
  • Web of Science
  • WRDS
  • 中國期刊全文數據庫 China Journal Net (CJN)
  • 萬方數據 WanFang Data
  • 香港中文期刊論文索引 HKInChiP

    New Databases

    The following databases are newly acquired by the Library.
    Contains peer-reviewed, full-text articles from the world's leading journals and reference sources on various subjects such as criminal justice, history, marketing, sciences, social sciences, etc.
    AccessCardiology addresses the most current standards of care, research, and clinical trials through references from leading experts in the field of cardiology in areas such as interventional cardiology and electrophysiology.
    Coverage: 1941 - 1996
    International coverage of American race relations news collected by Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS). It is an important source to study how the world responded to the racial tensions in the United States.
    Coverage: 1946 - 1996
    International coverage of Apartheid news collected by Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) on the policy and law to separate whites from blacks, Indians and mix-race people in South Africa. It is a major documentary source to study foreign interaction with the government of South Africa.
    Coverage: 1919 - current
    Offers fast and easy access to key reports, including the content of the leading International Law Reports series.
    Data-Planet is a repository of standardized and structured statistical data which contains over 4.9 billion datasets from more than 450 databases in 16 major subject areas. Data can be downloaded in standard formats and visualized in tables, charts, graphs and maps. Search results can be saved and shared.
    ESG Manager on Campus Direct measures the social, environmental, and governance performance of corporations worldwide.
    Coverage: 1941 - 1996
    Population movements news collected by Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) between 1941 and 1996 with emphasis on the migrants sourced from Palestine, Tibet, Hungary, Vietnam and Cuba.
    Coverage: 1957 - 1995
    Contains socioeconomic, political, environmental, scientific, technical and military materials from around the world, with emphasis on the issues and events of socialist countries in the latter half of the twentieth century.
    This collection delves into a wide range of procedures employed in emergency and intensive care settings, ranging from basic life support methods such as CPR and rescue breathing to other common procedures performed during emergency situations.
    This collection demonstrates medication preparation and administration, with videos highlighting important safety checks, considerations, dosage calculations, and common mistakes associated with improper medication administration.
    Part III of the video series covers physical examination of two major systems in our body: neurological and musculoskeletal, with videos explaining relevant anatomy, the rationale behind the steps, and the interpretation of the exam findings.
    A new online resource that brings together journals, policy research, and books on the topic of environmental sustainability and resilience. This database provides more than 110 journal titles, 2,000+ research reports, and 350+ ebook titles on the issue. Notable titles includes: Environmental Values, Waterlines, Human Ecology, Carbon & Climate Law Review, Energy Journal, etc
    Local and international news on Middle East and North Africa collected for the United States's Central Intelligence Agency, the database covers topics of Israeli-Arab conflict, human and civil rights, international relations, terrorism and other issues of regional political, economic and security interests.
    The Colloquium Digital Library is an e-book collection in basic biological and biomedical sciences covering subjects of cell & molecular biology, neuroscience, and physiology.
    PsychiatryOnline is a web-based portal that features DSM-5, textbooks, journals, practice guidelines, self-assessment tools and clinical & research news on psychiatry.
    The Roper Center collects public opinion data on a wide range of topics, e.g., immigration, leisure and recreation, race, religion, work and labor, poverty, elections and many more. Currently it offers nearly 700,000 questions and answers from US national adult sample polls, and the archive holds over 23,000 US and international datasets. Data can be downloaded or analyzed using their online tool RoperExplorer.
    coverage: 1960s - current
    Tracks sovereign wealth fund and public fund deal and commitment data.
    Coverage: 1945 - 1991
    Communist Bloc and developing world news collected by Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS). FBIS Daily Reports contain key issues, events and people of socialist countries in the latter half of the twentieth century.
    涵蓋︰1930 - 1949
    涵蓋︰1872 - 1949
    涵蓋︰1872 - 1949
    涵蓋︰1915 - 1949