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Geographic Information System (GIS) and Digital Scholarship Research: Learning Resources

Learn ArcGIS in Videos

ArcGIS Pro Tutorials


Content: Esri, the developer of ArcGIS Pro, has created a YouTube channel for users to learn the software. Not only tutorials of ArcGIS Pro, this channel has various contents on ArcGIS such as Smart Mapping, Story Maps, and more. Beside watching videos, Esri also provides step-by-step tutorial online.

ArcMap 10 Tutorials

UTM Library, University of Toronto

Date: 2011.06.29

Content: Made by UTM Library of the University of Toronto, this is a series of tutorial videos, 22 clips in total, introducing to the basics of ArcGIS 10.


ArcGIS10 Basics

Institute for Resource Information Sciences (IRIS), Cornell University

Date: 2012.03.23

Content: This video series were made by Institute for Resource Information Sciences (IRIS), Cornell University, giving a preliminary introduction to the basics function of ArcGIS.


Introduction to ArcGIS 10​

Sabber Foundation, Jahangirnagar University

Date: 2012.10.26

Content: These are lecture series from SabberFoundation, lectured by Md. Sabber Ahamed, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh, on some in-depth GIS functions, such as import and export excel data, georeferencing and spatial analysis.

MOOC courses

Books in CUHK Library

Beginner's Guide to Google Earth Pro